Highveld Safaris is a family-operated company situated in the Highveld of South Africa with open plains and low dense bushveld. We own the property we hunt on and you hunt with the owners we guide all our clients personally to ensure perfection. We go above and beyond to make sure our clients are satisfied.

We own 22000 acres of hunting area with animals in an abundance we boast big herds and a lot of trophy animals to choose from.  Expect nothing less than perfect from us. We offer extensive plains game hunting as well as big game hunting in South Africa and Namibia.


Blesbok Male $300.00
Impala Male $350.00
Springbok Male $300.00
Steenbok Male $500.00
Duiker Male $500.00
Mountain Reedbuck Male $1 000.00
Zebra Male and/or Female $750.00
Nyala Male $1 500.00
Eland Male $2 500.00
Waterbuck Male $2 500.00
Gemsbok Male/Female $1 500.00
Kudu Male $2 500.00
Sable Male $3 500.00
Roan Male $3 500.00
Klipspringer Male $1 500.00*
Bushbuck Male $1 500.00*
Lechwe Male $2 500.00*
Tsessebe Male $2 000.00*
Fallow Deer Male $1 500.00
Black Impala Male $1 500.00
Flank Impala Male $2 000.00
Copper Springbok Male $650.00
White Springbok Male $1 000.00
Black Springbok Male $1 000.00
*Animals Required Traveling
Warthog Male and/or Female $350.00
Zebra Male and/or Female $750.00
Giraffe Male $2 500.00
Buffalo Male 40” to 43” $10 000.00
Buffalo Male Up to 40” $8 500.00
Baboon Male/Female $ 1 000.00*
Vervet Monkey Male/Female $250.00
Jackal Male and/or Female $200.00
Caracal Male and/or Female $500.00
Serval Male and/or Female $1 500.00
Bush Pig Male $1 000.00*
Ostrich Male $550.00
Blue Wildebeest Male $750.00
Black Wildebeest Male $750.00
Red Hartebeest Male $750.00
*Animals Required Traveling

Day Trips away from Lodge
Pilansberg National Park $250.00 per group of 4 persons.
Sterfontein Caves $100.00 per person.

Trips includes Vehicle and Entrance fees.
Taxidermy at Highveld
Dip and Pack:

$150.00 per small animal.
$200.00 per medium animal.
$350.00 per large animal.
Export Custom Quote on Weight of Crate
Bird Hunting:
$ 250.00 per day per person.
Including Rifle and Ammo, Vehicle and Entrance, and applicable rifle License of query.

Bass Fishing:
$ 50.00 per day per person.
Including all Bait, Rods, Guide and Meals


Our Zeerust concession and hunting area is only a two hours drive from Highveld Safaris in the Groot Marico area.

The area has an especially high success rate and our pricing includes bating before the hunt.
Bushbuck $2000
Klipspringer $2000
Mountain Readbuck $1500
Zebra $700
Bushpig $1000


Spend at least 4000 USD and pay no daily rates.
Observers at 150 USD per day.
Hunters do not pay daily rates when shooting more than 4000 usd worth of Trophy animals.


North West,

South Africa



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Email: enquiries@highveldsafari.online


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